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DEF System Services is a mobile DPF System and Diesel Air Intake cleaning company that provides a range of cleaning products and services to diesel vehicle owners, dealerships, dealers and auto repair shops. Our products include a range of JLM lubricants that are designed to improve engine performance.  Our DPF clean and flush removes soot build up in the DPF, this will extend the life of the filter. It also improves engine performance and reduces emissions. And our diesel air intake clean and flush, cleans the air intake, combustion chamber, valves, injectors,  turbo vanes and EGR of dirty diesel engines. Our company is dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible service and products to keep their vehicles running smoothly and efficiently.

Becoming a small business owner was a natural path for me, given the influence my late father had on my entrepreneurial aspirations. Growing up, I witnessed firsthand his dedication and passion as he ran his own small business. Unfortunately, his untimely passing when I was only sixteen meant that I was unable to fulfill my dream of taking over his company.

However, it was amidst a challenging moment in my personal life that the idea for my own business venture emerged. Stranded on the side of a highway with a broken-down truck on a holiday weekend, I found myself grappling with the unavailability of local repair shops. Engaging in some impromptu online research, I discovered a lack of companies providing diesel particulate filter (DPF) cleaning services, especially ones offering a mobile service.


My eureka moment came when I towed my truck to a company that offered DPF cleaning without dismantling the exhaust system. Intrigued by this innovative approach, I approached the owner with an idea. I proposed expanding their services into my local area, providing a much-needed mobile DPF cleaning service. To my delight, the owner expressed interest and believed it to be a splendid concept.


With the support of the company, I was equipped with the necessary cleaning tools, products, training, and ongoing assistance to launch my own business. Since then, my mobile DPF cleaning service has been operational, catering to the needs of customers in my local area.

While my journey as a small business owner may have been shaped by the untimely loss of my father's business, it was the fortuitous breakdown on that highway that paved the way for my entrepreneurial endeavor. As I continue on this path, I am both grateful for my father's inspiration and proud to offer a niche service that meets the needs of my community.

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