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  • Keton Cole

JLM Diesel Extreme Clean Heavy Duty Additive

Once upon a time, there was a truck driver named Jack. He took great pride in his job, but his truck was beginning to show signs of wear and tear. Jack noticed that his fuel economy wasn't what it used to be and his engine performance was lacking.

So, Jack decided to try JLM Diesel's Diesel Extreme Clean Heavy Duty fuel additive. He poured the whole bottle into his tank and hit the road. At first, Jack didn't notice anything different, but as he continued to drive, he began to feel his engine running smoother.

When Jack checked his fuel economy, he was pleasantly surprised. Diesel Extreme Clean HD had boosted his cetane number by five points, resulting in a significant improvement in his fuel efficiency.

Jack was also impressed that Diesel Extreme Clean HD was a multipurpose product. Not only did it clean his entire fuel system, but it also contained cerium that promoted cleaning up his diesel particulate filter (DPF) and kept it clean. This meant that Jack didn't need to worry about expensive DPF replacement costs down the line.

Jack continued to use Diesel Extreme Clean HD, he noticed that his catalytic converter, exhaust gas re circulation system (EGR), and turbo compressor with variable geometry vanes all stayed clean from deposits. He felt good knowing that he was doing his part in reducing harmful emissions and keeping his truck in top condition.

Thanks to JLM Diesel's Diesel Extreme Clean Heavy Duty, Jack's truck was rejuvenated and running like new. He felt confident that he could take on any job that came his way.

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