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DPF Cleaner Heavy Duty

JLM DPF Cleaner Heavy Duty is an exceptional diesel particulate filter cleaner for commercial trucks, tractors, machinery, buses and heavy duty diesel trucks. This product is a highly effective solution that offers outstanding results in cleaning diesel particulate filters. It is a reliable and efficient product that is designed to meet the needs of hardworking vehicles in heavy commercial applications. The JLM DPF Cleaner Heavy Duty is specially formulated to help maintain the engine performance of HDV, LDV & MDV vehicles by eliminating exhaust back pressure. This industry-leading product ensures the seamless functioning of diesel particulate filters, thereby reducing the need for expensive replacements. The JLM DPF Cleaner Heavy Duty is a must-have for commercial vehicles, tractors, and machinery owners who want to ensure optimal engine performance.

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DPF Regen Plus

JLM's Diesel DPF ReGen Plus fuel additive is an effective solution in preventing the build-up of excessive soot quantities in the diesel particulate filter (DPF). The product delivers remarkable results, improving emissions, performance, and fuel economy. By using JLM's Diesel DPF ReGen Plus as a regular preventative maintenance measure, there is a significant reduction in the risk of inconvenient and costly vehicle breakdowns.

JLM's Diesel DPF ReGen Plus has been specifically designed to help the vehicle regenerate its PDF filter, ensuring optimum performance, reduced emissions, and an extended lifespan of the diesel particulate filter. When added to the fuel tank, the additive actively lowers the ignition temperature required to regenerate the DPF, lessening the amount of soot accumulation within the filter.

Regularly incorporating JLM's Diesel DPF ReGen Plus into your vehicle maintenance routine ensures long-lasting protection against DPF breakdowns, promoting smoother operation while providing substantial cost savings in the long run. Its confidence-inspiring and practical approach to maintaining the DPF makes it an essential addition to any diesel-engine vehicle owner's inventory.

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Diesel EGR & Air Intake Cleaner

JLM Diesel Air Intake & EGR Cleaner is a highly effective cleaning solution designed to remove stubborn dirt, including rust deposits, from diesel engines' air intake and exhaust gas recirculation systems. When left untreated, accumulated dirt and rust can cause performance issues and ultimately lead to costly repairs. JLM Diesel Air Intake & EGR Cleaner is easy to use and can significantly improve engine performance and fuel efficiency. Its powerful formula removes stubborn deposits, leaving the engine running smoothly and efficiently. For diesel engines that require optimal performance and durability, JLM Diesel Air Intake & EGR Cleaner is the ideal solution.

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Direct Injection Valve Cleaner

JLM Lubricants' Direct Injection Valve Cleaner is a highly effective solution designed to remove persistent carbon-based build-up that accumulates within engine combustion chambers and behind valves. This particular issue is prevalent, especially in direct-injected petrol (GDI) and hybrid engines, and can also affect diesel models, resulting in a reduction of engine power, efficiency and overall reliability. With its powerful formula, this cleaner effectively removes stubborn deposits, providing engines with improved performance, greater efficiency, and increased longevity. JLM Lubricants' Direct Injection Valve Cleaner is an excellent choice for anyone seeking to restore their engine's optimal performance.

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Emission Reduction Treatment

JLM, the renowned fuel additive experts, are proud to introduce their latest and most innovative professional formulation for diesel engines. This unique additive package is specifically engineered to target all parts of the fuel, combustion and exhaust system, resulting in reduced emissions, optimized engine performance and improved catalytic converter performance.

JLM's groundbreaking formulation offers an effective solution for a range of diesel engine issues, including poor fuel economy, reduced power, and emissions. It has been formulated to effectively remove deposits that accumulate in the fuel system, optimize combustion, and protect crucial engine components.

The result is an engine that runs smoother, produces fewer emissions, and delivers better fuel economy. Additionally, JLM's formulation provides a boost to catalytic converters, enabling them to operate more efficiently and effectively.

JLM's commitment to innovation and excellence is reflected in this new, unique professional formulation for diesel engines. With its ability to target all parts of the fuel, combustion and exhaust system, this additive is sure to become a go-to solution for diesel engine owners across the globe.

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Extreme Clean

JLM Diesel Extreme Clean is a highly effective additive that provides efficient cleaning, restoration, and maintenance of diesel engines. This powerful product is specially formulated to take care of the turbo, fuel system, exhaust system with diesel particulate filter (DPF), and other related components. Its unique formula works quickly to remove carbon deposits, soot, and other contaminants, thereby improving engine performance and reducing harmful emissions. With JLM Diesel Extreme Clean, you can enjoy smooth, reliable engine operation for longer, while saving on fuel consumption and lowering maintenance costs. Trust in the power of JLM Diesel Extreme Clean to keep your diesel engine running smoothly.

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Extreme Clean Heavy Duty

JLM Diesel Extreme Clean Heavy Duty is an exceptional fuel additive that has been specifically designed to cater to the needs of on- and off-road heavy-duty vehicles. These include trucks, heavy machinery, stationary engines, and gen sets. With its unparalleled cleaning properties, Diesel Extreme Clean HD is renowned for being the ultimate diesel system cleaner and rejuvenator. It effectively tackles all the common issues related to deposits in modern diesel engines, making it the go-to product for every HDV owner.

Apart from its exceptional cleaning properties, Diesel Extreme Clean HD is also a true multipurpose product that cleans deposits from the complete fuel system, thereby improving the overall performance of the engine. It is known to boost cetane number up to 5 points while also providing lubrication to the diesel fuel pump in case of low Sulphur fuel. As a result, HDV owners can expect rapid restoration of engine performance and fuel economy, ensuring that their vehicles operate at peak performance and efficiency.

In conclusion, JLM Diesel Extreme Clean Heavy Duty is an exceptional fuel additive that is specifically designed for modern HDV. Its superior cleaning properties and multipurpose benefits make it the preferred choice for heavy-duty vehicle owners, allowing them to maintain the performance and efficiency of their vehicles without any hassle.

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Fuel Injection system Cleaner Heavy Duty

JLM Diesel Fuel Injection System Cleaner Heavy Duty is an advanced fuel additive that has been specifically crafted for heavy duty vehicles operating on or off-road. It is specially designed to clean and restore the optimal injector spray pattern by effectively removing carbon deposits from the fuel injectors. Additionally, it lubricates the fuel pump and injectors to prevent needles from seizing while also providing improved combustion through the use of highly effective cleaning agents and a potent cetane improver. This innovative fuel additive has been carefully formulated to ensure that heavy duty vehicles operate at the highest level of efficiency, reliability and performance. So if you seek to optimize the fuel system of your heavy duty vehicle, JLM Diesel Fuel Injection System Cleaner Heavy Duty is the perfect solution for you.

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Injector Cleaner

JLM Diesel Injector Cleaner is an essential fuel additive that is specially formulated to clean and maintain the entire fuel system of a vehicle, including the intake valves and injectors. It is designed to improve engine performance and increase fuel efficiency by reducing soot deposits in the diesel particulate filter. This type of fuel additive can significantly improve power and fuel consumption, making it an excellent solution for drivers looking to optimize their vehicle's performance.

Using JLM Diesel Injector Cleaner can help prevent issues caused by a dirty fuel system, such as misfires, stalling, and decreased acceleration. It can also extend the life of your fuel system, saving you money on costly repairs. This type of fuel additive is easy to use, and it can be added directly to the fuel tank during fill-ups, making it a hassle-free solution to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

Overall, JLM Diesel injector cleaner is a must-have fuel additive for those seeking to maintain a clean and efficient fuel system. It is an excellent way to keep your vehicle running smoothly, improve fuel efficiency, and reduce harmful emissions. By investing in a high-quality injector cleaner, you can ensure optimal performance and prolong the life of your vehicle.

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Particulate Filter Cleaner

JLM Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner is a premium diesel particulate filter cleaner that is highly regarded in the market. This cleaner contains a high concentration of an active additive, making it one of the best filter cleaners available. With its advanced formula, JLM DPF Cleaner is designed to effectively remove particulate matter, soot, and other harmful substances from diesel particulate filters, resulting in better fuel efficiency and improved engine performance. Its efficient cleaning action ensures that your diesel engine is running at optimum capacity, reducing the likelihood of expensive repairs in the long run. If you are looking for a reliable diesel particulate filter cleaner, JLM DPF Cleaner is a must-have product that will make a significant difference in your engine's performance

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Rapid Fuel System Cleaner

In addition to the widely recognized JLM Diesel Fuel System Cleaner, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our new concentrated JLM diesel system cleaner, specifically designed for direct use in the fuel filter. This extra-concentrated cleaning solution packs a powerful punch, making it an ideal choice for professionals in the industry. With its effective formula, the JLM diesel system cleaner offers a trustworthy solution to combat diesel system woes. The introduction of this product is another testament to our commitment to providing optimal solutions to our clients. So, upgrade to the new extra-concentrated JLM diesel system cleaner and take your diesel engine performance to the next level.

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Turbo Cleaner

JLM Turbo Cleaner is a top-quality turbo cleaner that stands out as one of the best options currently available in the market. At an affordable price point, this highly effective product offers a variety of benefits to turbocharged engines. One of its key advantages is its simplicity and ease of use, making it accessible to a wide range of users. Notably, it is highly effective in cleaning dirt and soot, while also facilitating the restoration of engine power. Overall, JLM Turbo Cleaner is a must-have for anyone looking to maintain and optimize the performance of their turbocharged engine. Its exceptional quality and value make it a wise investment for any individual or business seeking long-lasting performance.

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